Airplus Ellipse

60-day battery-free wick-based air freshener system

Airplus is a simple, battery-free, door-mounted air freshener solution for restroom cubicles. Offering ultra-low maintenance with easy loading and activation, our units do not require programming.
The built-in wick technology ensures gradual, continuous fragrance release for up to 60 days.
Airplus comes with a set of 5 Kennedy fragrances ranging from fresh, cool tones to fruity and floral notes.

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Low Maintenance

•    60-day refills mean servicing only 6 times a year*
•    Closing the cover activates the refill: no wasted time or spilled fragrance

Easy to Use

•    No programming required
•    Noiseless operation
•    Quick installation kit offering choice between self-adhesive pad or screw mounting

Environmentally Friendly

•    Non-aerosol
•    No batteries or electricity required

High Quality

•    Full range of fresh, modern, effective fragrances
*Based on installation in an enclosed restroom cubicle. Performance and duration in larger or open spaces may vary.

The freedom in fragrance™ range of air freshener fragrances forms an integral part of our air freshening systems. Available in aerosol and sachet format each fragrance counteracts both washroom and tobacco malodour.

  • Kennedy’s  freedom in fragranceTM air freshening fragrance range
  • All fragrances counteract both washroom and tobacco malodour
  • Patented dual action neutralising agent for advanced malodour control
  • Safe formulations approved for use under EU regulations
  • Fragrances available in aerosol and sachet format
  • Aerosols comply with 75/324/EEC & 94/1/EC, the Aerosol Directive and Amendment.
  • Aerosols are labelled to comply with European Regulation No. 1272/2008 – Classification, Labelling and Packaging of Substances and Mixtures (CLP)


Air Freshening Consumables Product Sheet


Airplus refills are available in the following 5 fragrances:

  Pallet Type Packed Qty Per Weight/Kg Measurement cm
AIRPLUS ELLIPSE Standard Carton 4 3.1 34.5 x 22.5 x 22